Managing research profile ranking data for a university involves collecting, analyzing, and utilizing various metrics and indicators to showcase the institution’s research excellence.

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2. Metrics and Indicators:
We Identify key metrics and indicators that are commonly used in research rankings, such as publication counts, citation counts, h-index, Quartile, Field Weighted Index, international collaboration metrics, and funding amounts etc

3. Data Analysis and Benchmarking:
We analyze the collected data to assess the university’s/Institution’s research performance in comparison to other institutions.
Benchmark against peer institutions to understand strengths and areas for improvement.

4. Visualization and Reporting:

We Create visualizations, charts, and graphs to present the research ranking data in an easily understandable format.
Prepare detailed reports that highlight the university’s performance across different metrics and indicators.

We can visualize your college-specific publication and citation data, as well as individual researchers’ performance metrics.

5. Strategic Planning:

Utilize the insights gained from the data analysis to inform the university’s research strategy and priorities.
Identify areas where investments or improvements are needed to enhance research performance.

7. Researcher Profiles: Institutional/Individual

Encourage researchers to create and maintain detailed profiles on academic platforms like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, ORCID, SCOPUS, WoS etc.
Provide guidelines and support for researchers to curate accurate and up-to-date profiles.

8. Research Strategy:

Develop a long-term plan for managing research profile ranking data, taking into consideration the evolving needs of the university and the research community.

By effectively managing research profile ranking data, universities can enhance their visibility, attract talented researchers and collaborators, secure funding opportunities, and establish a strong reputation in the academic world.